Brickwoods Schools

Home Facilities


The school is well equipped with modern and interactive facilities that enhance the learning activities. These include and not limited to modern  school designs that have open, flexible floor plans, modular furniture, highly  mobile learning tools and a modern kitchen.

School Library

At Brickwoods, we have a state-of the-art Library that is central to successful teaching and learning programs.

The library serves the pupils’ learning information needs and plays an important role in everyday school life. Apart from a wide selection of books, our library offers journals and periodicals. The books are available for lending to the pupils and all members of the school society can use the library free of charge.

Modern Kitchen

Indulge your taste buds at Brickwoods Kitchen, where we take pride in serving delicious and nutritious meals that fuel both body and mind. Our culinary team is dedicated to providing a diverse and well-balanced menu, crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients to ensure a wholesome dining experience for our students.

Brickwoods Kitchen is more than just a place to eat; it’s a vibrant hub where students gather, socialize, and enjoy nourishing meals together. We believe that healthy eating is essential for optimal learning and performance, which is why we prioritize offering a wide variety of options to cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences.


A good classroom is essential to a learner’s success. It’s not just about having the latest technology or comfortable seating, but rather, creating an environment that fosters learning. A good classroom should be a place where students feel safe, supported, and encouraged to learn more. The photo of pupils doing their studies is a testament to the importance of a good classroom, as it shows students engaged in independent learning, confident and comfortable in their surroundings.


Welcome to Brickwoods Schools! Our commitment to providing exceptional education goes beyond the classroom. We understand that a nurturing and conducive living environment plays a vital role in shaping our pupils’ overall growth and success. Our dormitories are designed to be much more than just a place to sleep. They serve as comfortable and secure homes away from home, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among our students.

Science Laboratory

Ignite your passion for discovery and scientific exploration in Brickwoods Schools’ exceptional science laboratories. Our cutting-edge facilities are equipped with modern apparatus and instruments, allowing students to delve into hands-on experiments and investigations across various scientific disciplines. From integrated science to environmental sciences, our labs provide a safe and stimulating environment for students to deepen their understanding of scientific principles through practical applications.

Computer Laboratory

Step into the world of technology at Brickwoods Schools’ state-of-the-art computer laboratories and good learning tablets. Our commitment to equipping students with essential digital skills is reflected in our cutting-edge facilities. Our computers and tablets are equipped with the latest hardware and software, providing students with hands-on experience in coding, programming, multimedia design, and much more. At Brickwoods Schools we offer a dynamic environment where students can unleash their creativity and expand their technological prowess.