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Learning in Brickwoods Schools

Brickwoods Schools ascribes to the 8-4-4 system of education introduced in 1985 but with a unique well-rounded and creative approach. This curriculum covers all major sciences, arts and humanities subjects and is therefore ideal for developing well-informed pupils with an unlimited mental scope of view. For more information on the Kenyan curriculum go to the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development website .

We teach

The compulsory subjects as dictated by the Kenyan curriculum:

  • English,
  • Mathematics,
  • Kiswahili,
  • Social Studies and
  • C.R.E.

We also have optional classes to give your child an edge in:

  • Music,
  • Computer,
  • Art,
  • Martial Arts,
  • Debate skills,
  • Dance, just to mention a few.

Checking of Progress

The best way to keep teachers, parents and pupils in touch with any pupil’s progress is to make sure that their achievements are monitored and clearly recorded. Brickwoods Schools Nanyuki has a very clear, detailed framework which means that everyone involved in a child’s education has a clear map of their progress, helping them to stay on course and attain their personal goals.

Creativity and critical thinking

This curriculum is particularly good at teaching students to think for themselves. Our teachers work hard to encourage open debate and discussion among students, helping them to develop their own beliefs and voice their own opinions with clarity and confidence. Encouraging creativity both in artistic expression and individual thought is another cornerstone of this outstanding system.