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The 8-4-4 System

Brickwoods Schools had ascribed to the 8-4-4 system of education introduced in 1985. Due to the change in the system of education introduced in December 2017, Brickwoods schools will be celebrating the last class 8 and the full dominance of the competency-based curriculum in the school’s system of education.

Competency-Based Curriculum

Competency-based system of education was introduced in December 2017. It is a system of education which involves teaching and learning process oriented to acquisition of skills and aptitudes requisite not just in the job market, but in being able to accurately diagnose problems and find solutions to them rather than just grasping content.


In this system, each learner’s progress is monitored over a period of 2-6-3-3 years. The system is divided into three major levels of education:

  • Early years education
  • Middle school education
  • Senior school, tertiary, and university education.

Change has remained to be inevitable and the most constant thing in life . Brickwoods Schools has adopted the new system of education. This being because of its effectiveness in production of well informed learners who are ready to make a difference in the ever competitive world. The new system involves learner-centered teaching strategies such as: role plays, problem solving, projects, case study, simulations, discussions, and outdoor activities. For more information on the Kenyan curriculum go to the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development website .



  • English
  • Kiswahili/KSL
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated science
  • Health Education
  • Pre-Technical Studies
  • Social Studies
  • Religious Education (CRE)
  • Business Studies
  • Agriculture
  • Life Skills Education
  • Sports and Physical Education.
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Kiswahili
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Science and Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Creative Arts (Art, Craft, Music)
  • Home Science
  • Religious Education (CRE)
  • Social Studies
  • Other Languages
  • Pastoral Programme and Instructions


  • Performing Arts
  • Computer Science
  • Visual Art
  • Martial Arts
  • Debate skills
  • Home Science
  • French
  •  Just to mention a few.

Checking of Progress

The best way to keep teachers, parents and pupils in touch with any pupil’s progress is to make sure that their achievements are monitored and clearly recorded. Brickwoods Schools Nanyuki has a very clear, detailed framework which means that everyone involved in a child’s education has a clear map of their progress, helping them to stay on course and attain their personal goals.

Critical & Creative Thinking

This curriculum is particularly good at teaching students to think for themselves. Our teachers work hard to encourage open debate and discussion among students, helping them to develop their own beliefs and voice their own opinions with clarity and confidence. Encouraging creativity both in artistic expression and individual thought is another cornerstone of this outstanding system.