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Our Aim

From drama and choir, to computer club and art classes, we encourage our pupils to challenge themselves and explore their passions from sports to singing. We have created a wide range of extra curricular activities so that our pupils can pursue their interests and find new ones while outside the classroom.

The Impact

These are fun and great ways for our children to interact with peers. They also enhance the pupil’s time management and stress management skills, improving overall productivity. They also learn to strive for excellence in more than one thing and how to work in groups.



Our time tables are skillfully sketched to ensure that our very first priority is academics. Our pupils, guided by our schedule, are able to juggle all their activities successfully and maintain long-term commitments. This is how we mould all round highly capable boys and girls.


There is a myriad of activities, from creative and performing arts to subject extensions and sporting activities, to suit every energetic young mind. These activities build students aspirations, give them foundation and transferable skills and help them make new friends in the school while having fun.

Knitting Club

Cooking Club

Piano & Guitar

4K Club



Chess Club

Art & Craft

Scie & Tech

Drama & Skits

Dancing Club




Wildlife Club